Our Services

Business Coaching

Our Business Improvement approach enables us to customise value adding solutions for the most pressing needs of our clients. Our four stage approach; (1) assessment (2) deployment planning (3) implementation and (4) review, enable us to deliver tremendous sustainable value for our clients, regardless of their industry sector. Our deployment model enables and equips organizations to continuously improve by providing an internal infrastructure to support changes and creating the desired environment for innovation to flourish. These deployments are strategic in nature aimed at transforming an organization or assisting in evolving towards a higher level of performance. Each deployment is a customized integrated solution for the organizational environment using our business improvement model to deliver value at every step of the continuous improvement journey. The tools and techniques delivered by our Coaches are transferred to the team members throughout the deployment to enable continuous improvement.

Workshop Facilitation

We deliver an array of in-house workshops aimed at developing the capabilities of the people within the organization, which can be contextualized to each environment. We firmly believe that the transfer of learning from classroom to the workplace is what makes the real difference from purely classroom training sessions. Most of our workshops are modularized so that maximum impact is gained for change in behaviour to occur with minimum time away from the workplace. Our curriculums are based around adult learning principles to maximize the experience for the diverse learner capabilities. Whether you need, team empowerment, problem solving methodologies, leadership development, strategic thinking workshops or others, our professional and competent Coaches will meet your needs.

Life Coaching

Our clients are people that are seeking personal growth, harmony and balance in their lives and with our Life Coaching Model, we enable them to solve problems in various life aspects, in pursuit of their goals. Whether you prefer face to face or web based approach to meet your lifestyle we can help you on a journey to a better you.

Problem Solving

Our team-based Problem Solving methodology equips and enables teams to run complex projects and solve performance problems in a structured manner, whilst we transfer skills and competencies to the team members simultaneously. Our approach during these interventions can be either as a Facilitator or Business Coach and this is largely dependent upon team competencies.

The Art of Coaching: How to be a Successful Life Coach

Do you seek that next promotion at work, or does your organisation have demotivated employees? Maybe you need help changing some undesired personal habits? Or perhaps you need help balancing the many priorities you have in your Life.

This book explains how you can find purpose in your Life and set goals that you can achieve with the help of a Life Coach and how you as a Life Coach can create your own personal brand that will help you build your client base.

If you are an aspiring or experienced Life Coach and you are looking for some new tools, this book will provide you with some great techniques that you can apply immediately.

This is a wonderfully rich set of practical tools and models explained by Paul Finnigan, who has spent the last 25 years working in more than 40 countries helping people from all walks of Life achieve their goals.