Code Of Ethics

The purpose of our Code of Ethics is to provide strict guidelines in behaviour and actions to our professional coaches in all client relationships. It is through ethical behaviour as a foundation that our competent coaches apply this code in each and every coaching interaction in which they engage.

The coach has committed to:

  • Uphold and instill ethical behaviour and distinction in both the practice of coaching, as well as in the behaviour of the coach towards the client.
  • Conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner, which means they will not tell untruths to their clients, and they will speak as directly and straightforwardly as possible.
  • Not discriminate against any person based on race, gender, religion, disability, belief, political views, sexuality, ethnic source or any other criteria of whatsoever. We embrace diversity at all times.
  • Create, uphold, save and destroy client’s records and information pertaining to coaching sessions, in order to preserve confidentiality and discretion on behalf of our clients.
  • Prepare client reports with integrity and completeness so as to do the client sessions 
and coaching process the utmost justice.
  • Maintain confidentiality and secrecy when asked to by clients, unless there is the 
potential of another person being harmed, or damage being done. This includes the potential of an illegal action taking place.
  • Have the intellectual honesty to be aware of our own limitations or if an issue that we are faced with that goes beyond our scope of work and expertise.
  • Uphold the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client information at all times. 

  • Always respect another person’s value system – even if they do not understand it, or agree with it.
  • Never deliberately mislead the client or make false or untrue statements.
  • Conduct themselves responsibly and will accept accountability for their actions with the client.
  • Always be gracious, professional and ethical.
  • Be a learner who is actively engaged in their own personal professional development and growth.

In our relationship with our clients, as an organisation we have committed to ensure that prior to engaging in a coaching relationship, we shall explain and ensure clear understanding on:

  • The nature of coaching
  • Limitation of coaching
  • Confidentiality
  • Financial commitment required, and
  • Commitment and responsiveness required of the client
  • We shall work with our client to ensure that clear written coaching agreement is in place before commencing a coaching relationship, which we shall honour the terms thereof.

The client must gain value from the coaching process at all times.

The coach shall be vigilant and aware of any potential conflict of interest or actual conflict of interest 
which arises when in discussion with a client, and either discuss this conflict openly with the client, or to remove themselves from the coaching relationship when such a realisation occurs and escalate within our company for appropriate, timely communication with our client.